Boho Lifestyle: Fashion and Home

  • Courtney looking right at home in a pair of distressed Eunina jeans paired with a Lovestitch printed crochet blouse and vintage silver cuff bracelet. 

    Oscar Aguilar's specialty is  one of the oldest painting techniques of the Renaissance time; "egg tempera" which combines grape seed oils and pigments. Pastels and charcoals are one of his favorite mediums for life drawing with a model. Oscar makes his own pastel sticks, as well as inks. 

    Luxuriously soft modal cardigan with screen printed vines by Napa clothing designer Kate Davis

    Vaalbara made in California, part of the sales proceeds go to benefit the Surfrider Foundation- helping to keep beaches clean.

    In addition to paintings, Oscar sculpts and models in clay. You can see a collection of his sculptures at Twenty Rows winery where he is the artist in residence. He also has a collection of graphic work which includes mono-types, etchings, dry point, lino cut, silver point and chine colle.

    Studio chilling in a pair of flare leg pants.

    Sorial leather fringe purse.

    Oscar went to school at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City. He was trained in the Academy style. As a young artist he say's he "embraced all the world new tendencies of the 70's and 80's". Later he revisited all the masters, including the Mexican painters, like Diego Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros. Today as a mature artist, Oscar say's, "When I see my pallet, I see, inevitable all the colors of my heritage that accompany and follow me everywhere I go."

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  • Rad Women Race through Napa Valley

    Vintage cars, adventure, twisting roads and wine!

    In this issue of California Lifestyle -a ladies rally, in style! 

    Race in style, dress in style

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  • Outfit Inspiration for Winter 2016

    Rock that bohemian boucle! Have fun layering your winter look with a cozy alpaca fair trade infinity scarf. Compliments this grey top with purple accented sleeves.

    Love thee inexpensive colorful beaded bracelets we just got in. (not online yet)

    Bring out the navy this month! Our favorite sequin tunic dress looks great paired with a chevron accented wool hat and a pair of Beleza green onyx earrings and necklace. Easily layers with leggings and vests! 

    Tassel beaded necklace and fingerless gloves. 


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  • Love the vintage vibe of this sequin bird dress, just the right amount of flowy feminine chiffon. This vintage look is reflected in boho interiors which layer a history of found objects into an artistic and personal home collection.

    The inspiration for a home can come from anywhere, even if it does not resemble the one you live in now, take elements for inspiration. Mine in this photo are stacks of books in a dining room area and simple standing lamps to add a soft ambiance.

    Vintage style black onyx tassel necklace, handmade by Napa designer Ann Hopp. Simple and Elegant.


    Dark walls provide a rich, raccoon quality to this room. Textural elements, stone, fabric, sheepskin and wool play off each other. 

    Love me a simple sixties sheath style dress with peasant sleeves. 

    Beleza Art Nouveau inspired pendant necklace, handmade by Napa Jewelry designer. 

    Great pop of color in this graphic Aztec dress, with a flattering short cut on the thigh to show off your legs.

    Love the mix of a blousy chiffon top with a fitted mini skirt, this dress wraps closed for a two in one look.

    Start the clock! Count down to a New Year and a New Look! Here's to a fashion filled 2016!


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  • A boho women lives here

    On our Boho Lifestyle Napa Pinterest board are images of Boho women and where we imagine she lives. 

    Deep indigo walls and tapestry quilts. The women who sleeps here wears...

     ...stretchy flair mosaic pants with a big rocking agate necklace.

    Rich pumpkin orange walls with a New Mexican flair...

    This elegant artist goes for simple sophistication, wearing a vintage style bird print wrap dress.

    Nothing say's boho like a room packed to the gills with artwork

    Such lush chaos calls for a simple poets style blouse enhanced by a long pendant necklace

    This Boho women slips of her mattress to pull on knee high boots and a long print cardigan


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  • Retro Hot

    Get your vintage vibe going with these seventies looks.

    This flower print kimono harkens back to the incense filled streets of Haight Street San Francisco. Honey Punch 3/4 sleeve kimono $58

    This is one of the softest, most supple leather bags I have ever felt! The heady scent of leather filled the air when we received these. Custom made by a local Northern California crafts person that sources her hides directly from hunters. This is the ultimate fringe leather purse. 

    Handmade by Napa Jewelry designer Jennifer Maudru, her line 'Beleza' incorporates Egyptian history. Brass and purple agate Beleza Egyptian Goddess Isis Necklace $128 . These long hanging style pendants are the perfect accent for a kimono clad outfit. 

    This Lifestyle Crewel belt adds just the right handmade touch, Napa designer $120

    More funky long necklaces, we love them!

    Can't go wrong with a maxi hat and a poncho! If you're interested we have these hat's in store- we're just not sure how well they will box up for shipping, that's why their not on the site. And this particular striped poncho is sold out- it went quick! 

    Yummy tooled leather belt $72



    THE boot for winter 2016. This over-the knee style is what you saw popping up in all the fashion magazines. When we found this California made boot at the Vegas fashion show I was over the moon! 
    It's especially hot on taller ladies, but I'm 5-2 and I wear it folded down at the knee so it doesn't overwhelm my shorter legs. 

    Unique belt design -handmade by a women in her Connecticut barn. The belt buckles snap off so you can mix and match belts and buckles- what a cool idea to mix up your outfits. These are a great way to dress up blue jeans. 

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