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Sierra Pujals: I decided a while ago, I was going to stop shopping for myself and let Indra do it for me. Like seriously.. this woman is #livinghergift sometimes she pulls things and I’m like, “Indra, for real?” She says, “Trust me!” .. I try it on and I’m like WOW! I never thought I could wear something like this.. especially at 32 years old and after baby (you ladies know what I mean). Long story short, she has something that suits, all shapes, sizes and ages. 

Free Service

(We just ask for a minimum $100 purchase) 

Real People

Our style professionals work in the boutique, fitting customers on a daily basis. Also they have completed our in house fashionista training. No computer algorithms here!


On top of our reasonable prices, we always make sure to cater your style session to your budget. 

No Surprises

The choice is entirely up to you - we only ship out the looks you love from your style session.


Ann Trinca: Every time I shop at Boho Lifestyle, they seem to know exactly what I'm going to look best in. The stylists have superb taste and are genius at assessing my "look" even when I can't decide. I'm not always great at picking outfits, but once I get inside the dressing room, the selections they've made are always on point.

Sign Up!

1. Answer the Style Questionnaire

2. When we get your information, we will follow up to confirm an introductory 20 minute Zoom appointment to discuss:
     a.) style preferences
     b.) things lacking in closet
     c.) budget.

3. After our introductory meeting, we will reach out for another 30 minute Zoom Style Appointment to introduce you to some looks we think you might like to add to your wardrobe. 

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