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Indra Fortney

Owner of Boho Lifestyle

Age shouldn’t determine your style, fashion is a celebration of you - at any age! I just turned 49 this year, and while I might not have the legs to wear short skirts anymore, this doesn’t mean I can’t find new, flattering ways to accentuate areas of my figure I love.

My passion for color and style were inspired at a young age by bohemian trips to Europe and later developed into a career in Interior Design, photography, and then fashion. My greatest joy is helping a woman feel her most beautiful version of herself, and have fun in the process!

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Devin Lamb

Personal Stylist

Hello my name is Devin.
From being a ballerina to throwing paint on a canvas I've always been drawn to artistic expression. Helping people define their personal style is no exception.
I believe that what we choose to wear is an expression of our innermost self. It's the message we want to send out into the world.

My passion is guiding my clients towards realizing their own personal style, and incorporating it into their everyday lives in a way that is meaningful to them.

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Jennifer Maudru

Personal Stylist

Jennifer is both a fashion stylist and jewelry designer.
Influenced by a foundation in art history and theatrical costume design, she loves to apply this knowledge towards her clientele and of course, their wardrobes!
Her love for fashion developed at an early age, quickly understanding how textiles and accessories are ideal tools for self expression.

Jennifer's mission is to help females feel empowered through fashion.
She's fluid in her styling services and loves to work one on one in order to capture a style reflective of your powerful inner goddess!

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