Our Roots


Indra Fortney, Owner + Boho Girl from Birth 

As a young girl, I was a bit of a tomboy and wore as few clothes as possible, so it's a little ironic that fashion would become my passion!
My free spirited mother has always been my inspiration.
Mom never had much money, but she had a sense of adventure and a will to overcome a lack of funds! She showed me Europe on a dime. Who needs money to enjoy the beauty of ancient towns when you can pitch a tent in a nearby field? 

Photo 1: Mom on our property where she built the house herself. Photo 2: Our first Greek Adventure Photo 3/4/5: Me as a tomboy. (later I refused to be dressed as a boy and would only wear dresses!)

I've dreamed of living in Europe and finally I did. After meeting my love in San Francisco (A Finnish man) we moved to Helsinki Finland where we got married and lived for three years. 

But California drew us back into her folds. We missed the rocky shores, turbulant ocean, soft rolling vine clad hils and most of all, the sun! 

Boho Lifestyle is not only a store, it's a feeling. We want to help women be who they want to be. Maybe it's soft and sensual, or edgy, or pared-down simple chic. And maybe it changes from week to week. Our goal is to bring you looks that are trendy at any age. At Boho we encourage you to let go, and have some fun!