Retro Hot

Get your vintage vibe going with these seventies looks.

This flower print kimono harkens back to the incense filled streets of Haight Street San Francisco. Honey Punch 3/4 sleeve kimono $58

This is one of the softest, most supple leather bags I have ever felt! The heady scent of leather filled the air when we received these. Custom made by a local Northern California crafts person that sources her hides directly from hunters. This is the ultimate fringe leather purse. 

Handmade by Napa Jewelry designer Jennifer Maudru, her line 'Beleza' incorporates Egyptian history. Brass and purple agate Beleza Egyptian Goddess Isis Necklace $128 . These long hanging style pendants are the perfect accent for a kimono clad outfit. 

This Lifestyle Crewel belt adds just the right handmade touch, Napa designer $120

More funky long necklaces, we love them!

Can't go wrong with a maxi hat and a poncho! If you're interested we have these hat's in store- we're just not sure how well they will box up for shipping, that's why their not on the site. And this particular striped poncho is sold out- it went quick! 

Yummy tooled leather belt $72



THE boot for winter 2016. This over-the knee style is what you saw popping up in all the fashion magazines. When we found this California made boot at the Vegas fashion show I was over the moon! 
It's especially hot on taller ladies, but I'm 5-2 and I wear it folded down at the knee so it doesn't overwhelm my shorter legs. 

Unique belt design -handmade by a women in her Connecticut barn. The belt buckles snap off so you can mix and match belts and buckles- what a cool idea to mix up your outfits. These are a great way to dress up blue jeans.