Boho photo shoot inside Oscar Aguilar's art studio, Napa Valley

Courtney looking right at home in a pair of distressed Eunina jeans paired with a Lovestitch printed crochet blouse and vintage silver cuff bracelet. 

Oscar Aguilar's specialty is  one of the oldest painting techniques of the Renaissance time; "egg tempera" which combines grape seed oils and pigments. Pastels and charcoals are one of his favorite mediums for life drawing with a model. Oscar makes his own pastel sticks, as well as inks. 

Luxuriously soft modal cardigan with screen printed vines by Napa clothing designer Kate Davis

Vaalbara made in California, part of the sales proceeds go to benefit the Surfrider Foundation- helping to keep beaches clean.

In addition to paintings, Oscar sculpts and models in clay. You can see a collection of his sculptures at Twenty Rows winery where he is the artist in residence. He also has a collection of graphic work which includes mono-types, etchings, dry point, lino cut, silver point and chine colle.

Studio chilling in a pair of flare leg pants.

Sorial leather fringe purse.

Oscar went to school at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City. He was trained in the Academy style. As a young artist he say's he "embraced all the world new tendencies of the 70's and 80's". Later he revisited all the masters, including the Mexican painters, like Diego Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros. Today as a mature artist, Oscar say's, "When I see my pallet, I see, inevitable all the colors of my heritage that accompany and follow me everywhere I go."